Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard

WeBe++ is a Bluetooth HID mouse & keyboard app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod and lets you have all the functions of a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard in your pocket!
PS3 buttons added.
AppleTV support (navigation).
Control iPad with iPhone and vice versa (BTstack Mouse and Keyboard).
Use PS3 arrowkeys for PC and Mac.
Windows & Mac OS X & PS3 (or any Bluetooth capable device).
WiFi, Bluetooth, USB.
Touchpad (full screen, portrait & landscape mode).
Keyboard (portrait & landscape mode).
Move mouse pointer.
Left click, right click, double-click, horizonal / vertical scrolling.
Choose a background image or color as mousepad - especially on Retina Display!
Adjust mouse speed.
Use WeBe++ in Bluetooth HID mode (recommended) or with the WeBe Server (WiFi (adhoc or router), Apple Bluetooth tethering, or USB).
Supports multiple-screen configuration of host computer.
Keyboard supports eleven keyboard layouts: Dvorak, US English, French, German, Swiss German, Swiss French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Japanese, and Swedish.
WeBe++ has been tested to work on iPod 2G and 3G, and all iPhones/iPads running firmware >= 3.0.
Horizontal scrolling/panning does not work on Windows XP.
WeBe++ is based on BTstack, an open-source Bluetooth stack. BTstack cannot run in parallel to Apple's Bluetooth. Therefore, WeBe++ has to turn off Apple's Bluetooth. You can re-enable Apple's only after quitting the WeBe++ app. Instead you can use the WeBe Server to use it via WiFi (or Apple's Bluetooth => needs Tethering).